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Call Recording

Use call recording services in your contact center

University IT, in partnership with Verint Systems, offers a software-based recorder that provides full-time recording and compliance recording to help increase operational effectiveness, reduce liability, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other industry standards, and expedite dispute resolution.

Recordings are available through a single web interface. You can search, replay, and report on calls by topic.


Feature summary:

  • Call recording: Record voice interactions with clients.
  • Screen recording: Record screen activities associated with voice interactions, such as keystrokes, data entry, and screen navigation.
  • Real-time monitoring: Monitor, record, and index calls as they are happening.
  • Encrypted calls: Calls are encrypted during recording, in transit, and when archived.

To review a side-by-side comparison of all of the features in all of the packages, see the Package Feature Comparison chart.

Note: For security purposes, do not send call recording files electronically via email, instant messaging platforms, etc.

Designed for

Agent Call Recording is ideal for contact centers that want to - or need to - monitor and record agent interactions with clients, including when needing to meet compliance requirements or delivering critical healthcare services. You can also use the service to monitor client service and identify agent training opportunities.


You will incur the following costs for Agent Call Recording in a Stanford Contact Center:

  • Monthly cost: $19 per named agent

Get started

To request that a University IT staff member contact you to provide more service details, discuss your needs, and help you implement the service, submit a Help request.

Last modified December 13, 2021