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Using Your eACD Avaya Telephone Set

Avaya model 9611 (SHC remote locations)

For more information on model 9611, please refer to the Avaya Quick Reference guide and Using Avaya Desk Phones guide.

Avaya model 9640

The instructions below are for model 9640.


Adding contacts

  1. To add contacts, press the CONTACTS softkey and press New (250 contacts maximum). 

  2. Use the dial pad to enter the name. Use the Bksp key to delete the last character. Press MORE to change the case or add a symbol. 

  3. Press CLEAR to delete all and start over. 

  4. Select the nest field. 

  5. Press SAVE

​Editing contacts

  1. Select the contact you want to edit. 
  2. Press MORE > Edit
  3. Choose the field you want to edit. 
  4. Use the dial pad and softkeys to make your changes. 
  5. Press SAVE

​Deleting contacts

  1. Press CONTACT
  2. Select the contact you want to delete. 
  3. Press MORE > Delete
  4. Press Delete again to confirm. 
  5. To cancel, press CANCEL

​​Call log

The default setting logs unanswered, answered, and outgoing calls — up to 100 entries. You may also optionally turn call logging off. You can choose whether or not to include calls to your bridged lines in your call log. 

Viewing call log

  1. Press CALL LOG
  2. Scroll to the right or left to view missed, answered, or outgoing calls.
  3. To view information about a specific entry, press DETAILS
  4. Press CALL LOG again to go back to the top of the list. 

​​Making calls from the call log

  1. Locate the entry following steps 1-3 above and press the corresponding button. 
  2. Press CALL or OK.

​​Conference display

To view all parties on a conference call by caller ID

  1. While on a call, press Conf Display.
  2. Press the page right and page left keys to view each participant. 

​​Basic call handling

  • To answer a call, lift the handset or press speaker to answer hands-free. To answer a second call, press the flashing line, or scroll to the second line, and press OK
  • To make a call, lift the handset or press speaker and dial. For internal calls, dial the extension, and for external calls, dial 9 first for an outside line. Press CLEAR to erase all dialed digits and enter a new number. 
  • To stop the ringing for an incoming call, press IGNORE
  • To immediately redirect an incoming call to voicemail, press TO VMAIL

​​Transferring a call

  1. While on a call, press the Transfer softkey. 
  2. Dial the number of the person you want to transfer the caller to, or press CONTACTS, scroll to the number, then press OK to select the contact. 
  3. You may announce the call; if the call cannot be accepted, press CANCEL
  4. If the call is accepted, press COMPLETE to transfer the call. 

​​Placing a caller on hold

  1. To put a caller on hold while on a call, press the Hold softkey. 
  2. To go back to the caller, press the line key with the hold symbol beside it, or use the up and down arrow keys to scroll to the call with the hold symbol and press RESUME

​​Far end mute

To far end mute or force mute another participant on a conference call. 

  1. While on a conference call, press Conference Display until you see the number of the party to be muted. 
  2. Press FE MUTE to mute that party from the far end. 

Conference call

  1. While on a call, press the Conference softkey. 
  2. Dial the number of the person you want to conference in. If the additional party is internal, dial their extension, or if they are external, dial 9 for an outside line, followed by their number. You may also use the CONTACTS or CALL LOG list. 
  3. Press JOIN to add the person to the existing call.
  4. Press ADD to add additional parties. Up to five additional parties can be added. 
  5. If the additional party doesn't want to join the conference or is unavailable, press the CANCEL key. 

Drop, redial, and mute

  • Press Drop to automatically disconnect the last person added to a conference call. 
  • You can set the Redial feature to automatically redial the last number you dialed or display a list of the last numbers you have dialed. 
  • To activate mute, press the Mute key and the red light appears. This cuts the microphone off one-way; your caller cannot hear you, but you can continue to hear your caller. 

Editing labels

  1. Press the Avaya Menu key. 
  2. Select Options & Settings and press OK
  3. Select Application Settings and press OK
  4. Select Personalize Labels and press OK
  5. Select the label you would like to edit (you may need to scroll to the right).
  6. Select EDIT
  7. Edit the label and press SAVE


Press Assist to ring a manger for assistance. 

SD buttons

  1. From the main screen, page to the right to locate the feature screen. 
  2. Press ABR Program.
  3. Press SD to program. 
  4. Enter number.
  5. Press # to save. 

Turn button sounds on/off

  1. Press Avaya Menu and press OK
  2. Select Options & Settings and press OK
  3. Select Screen & Sounds Options and press OK.
  4. Select Button Clicks or Error Tones and press OK
  5. Press Change
  6. Press Save

Directory search

  1. From the phone screen, scroll to the right to access the FEATURES menu. 
  2. Select DIRECTORY; press OK.
  3. Key in the selected name (four letters), then use the Next key to scroll through directory names.  
  4. To place a call to the name shown in the directory, press the Make Call key. 
  5. To exit the directory, press Exit

View statistics

To view call-related statistics for the period of time you have been logged in.

  1. Press VU STATS
  2. Measurements will appear in the display.
  3. Press Exit to clear the display. 

Queue calls/queue time

Press Queue Calls/Time to view how many calls are waiting in queue or how long calls are waiting. 

  1. If more than one call is waiting in queue, the lamp will light steady. 
  2. If the threshold has been reached or exceeded for calls waiting in queue, then the lamp will flash. 
Last modified December 9, 2015