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Finesse Frequently Asked Questions

Logging into Finesse

What can I do to avoid getting logged out of Finesse unexpectedly?
For optimal performance and to avoid being inadvertently logged out of Finesse, it's recommended that you use a hardwire internet connection and manually turn off your wireless internet.
Why can't I log into Finesse?
Make sure that you are logged into Jabber or your desk phone before you log in to Finesse. If the trouble persists, it may be because you have forgotten to sign out of another device. Finesse allows your user ID to be logged in to only one device at a time.
What should I do if I'm unable to log into Finesse at the beginning of my shift to record my start time?
First, inform your supervisor via email that you are here and unable to log in. For help resolving this technical issue, contact the University IT (UIT) Service Desk by submitting a Help request or calling (650) 725-HELP, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Can I save my password for Finesse in the program?
Due to security policies, you are unable to save your password in Finesse. Prompts may vary depending on your browser, but you can store your password so you only have to enter your extension to log in.
Should I manage my current state (e.g. Ready, Not Ready, etc.) through both my desk phone and Finesse?
All contact center state management is supported through Finesse. You must be logged in to Finesse to take calls. You will no longer use your desk phone to log in or out and to manage your state in queue.

Managing Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Is there a way to have Finesse automatically place me in a "Not Ready" state when I make an outbound call?
The UIT Team is exploring this possibility and will provide a response after we've had the opportunity to thoroughly test this function.
If I use the "Consult" feature and retrieve a new line, will Finesse automatically put the other line on hold?
The answer is yes. While using the "Consult" feature in Finesse, users have the ability to alternate between two calls. If you are on an active call, that call will automatically be placed on hold if you retrieve a different call that's been placed on hold.
Will I be able to switch between using Finesse and my desk phone on a call?
We recommend that you use Finesse for all call management. However, you may choose to use your desk phone to answer a call, place a call on hold, or perform a transfer. Remember, you must be logged into Finesse with your desk phone extension to use the phone for contact center call activities.
How will I receive notifications of a new incoming call through Finesse? Will there be a pop-up window?
If you are using Finesse with a desk phone, you will not see a pop-up but your desk phone or headset will ring. If you are using Finesse with a desk phone Jabber extension, there will be a pop-up window in Jabber when you receive a call. You will also hear ringing on your headset.
Will I be able to see my call log in Finesse?
Call logs are not visible in Finesse. However, call logs are available in Jabber and on your desk phone.
What do I do if I am on a call in Finesse and I accidentally close my browser window?
If you are on a call and inadvertently close your browser, you will remain on the call but will have to use Jabber or your desk phone, as applicable, for further call control activities. When done with the call, log back in to Finesse as soon as possible.

Phone Books and Contacts

Can I add contacts to the phone book in Finesse?
To add a contact to the Finesse phone book, your supervisor will need to submit a Help request to the UIT Service Desk. Phone books in Finesse are shared by teams; therefore, any changes to a phone book will be visible to the whole team and so should be applicable to the whole team. For individual extensions or personal contacts, you may add contacts through the "Contacts" feature in Jabber.
I can't see my Finesse phone book. Is there anything I can do?
You can switch between "Home" and "Manage Calls" from the Home page. If you are on the Home tab, click "Manage Calls" tab to switch to the Manage Calls tab. If you are on the Manage Calls tab, switch to the Home tab by clicking "Home."

Transferring Calls

What is the best way to perform a warm transfer?
If you are on the phone with a caller and know that you will need to transfer the call, you should press the "Consult" button in Finesse while you are still talking to the caller. This will bring up the keypad to enable you to enter the phone number you want to transfer the call to. When you are ready to place the caller on hold and transfer them, simply select the "Call" button. This eliminates having 10 seconds of dead air before the hold music plays/transfer begins.
Remember, you can make an outbound call from a "Not Ready" state only. Select "Not Ready-Outbound Call" when placing an outbound call. And when you receive a direct call on your desk phone, change your status in Finesse to "Not Ready" so that you don't also receive a queue call.
How do I copy a number from the database to place a new call or conference call or to transfer calls from Finesse?
If accessing a database to look up someone's number to place a call, you can copy the number from that database and paste the number into Finesse using normal Windows commands. Be sure to follow normal Stanford dialing instructions to reach a contact outside of Stanford.
Last modified February 13, 2020