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Workforce Optimization

Use call recording, quality monitoring, and workforce management services in your contact center.

University IT, in partnership with Verint Systems, offers a software-based recording, quality monitoring, and workforce management system. This system allows you to assess larger samples of data, focus on important interactions, gain customer intelligence, and target coaching to employees. You can also maximize the performance of your contact center by assessing reports and tools that help you to forecast, schedule, and manage your employees in an optimal way.


Agent Call Recording features:

  • Call recording: Record voice interactions with clients.
  • Screen recording: Record screen activities associated with voice interactions, such as keystrokes, data entry, and screen navigation.
  • Real-time monitoring: Monitor, record, and index calls as they are happening.
  • Encrypted calls: Calls are encrypted during recording, in transit, and when archived.

Quality Monitoring features:

  • Quality monitoring: Evaluate all of the attributes of a client interaction, including voice conversations and associated screen data, email, web chat sessions, and more, right from a single screen.
  • Coaching: Provides an out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering, and tracking coaching that is integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Evaluations: Design flexible, intelligent evaluation forms quickly and tailor them to specific interaction types. Quality scores can feed KPIs in scorecards, which in turn drive performance-based coaching.
  • Quality assurance: Capture and analyze client interactions, improve internal processes and workforce performance, uncover business trends and competitive advantages, and discover the root causes of client and employee behavior.

Workforce Management features:

  • Workforce optimization: Integrated scheduling and forecasting tools including a time off manager, advanced adherence management, and score cards in performance management.
  • Intra-day performance management: Schedule management that helps you to produce optimal schedules by balancing defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, targeted service-level goals, and individual skills, proficiencies, and preferences.
  • Performance management: Gain insight into what employees are doing, how effectively they are performing, and where they excel or need to sharpen their skills. The solution triggers coaching and training sessions to help them do so.


Designed for

Workforce Optimization is ideal for contact centers that want an all-inclusive approach to improving client interactions, enhancing employee skills, and optimizing the performance of the entire contact center. This package brings together all of the available call recording, quality monitoring, and workforce management features to give you all of the tools you need to deliver the best customer service in the most efficient way.


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Last modified January 24, 2024