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eACD Log In and Log Out Instructions

Log in

  1. Press Log In.
  2. Dial your 5-digit agent login ID.
  3. Dial your 5-digit agent login ID again. (The AUX-Work 0 button will light; no ACD calls will be sent.)

To accept calls

  1. Press Auto-In (Logged In). (Calls will now be sent to your phone.)

To hang up from a call

  1. Press Release.

After call work

  1. Press After Call. (This action temporarily stops calls, allowing you to finish work from the previous caller.)
  2. After a few seconds, Auto-In automatically comes on to return to the queue and take calls. 

To stop accepting calls during business hours

  1. Press AUX-Work. (This action busies out your phone for eACD calls. Use this for break, lunch, meetings, training, projects, off-phone work, personal misc. It does not stop personal/direct calls to agent login ID.)

Log out at end of day or shift

  1. Press Log Out
Last modified March 12, 2015