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Print Device and Toner Disposal Guidelines

Why used print devices are a security risk

Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), copiers, scanners, printers, fax machines and other devices may contain hard drives or other media that store data such as images of pages that have been copied, printed or faxed. The data stored on these devices may contain legally sensitive information, including but not limited to personal identifying information or protected health information. The stored data on these devices, in unencrypted form, is highly susceptible to being hacked or retrieved by unauthorized methods. The devices require proper handling, through Stanford Surplus, which will manage disposal in adherence to University guidelines, including wiping the hard drives clean of all data.

How to dispose of print devices and toner owned by a department

Follow these steps if your department needs to dispose of a print device (including MFDs, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and desktop printers) or excess toner drums and cartridges (new or used):

  1. Contact your Department Property Administrator (DPA); your local DPA can be found in the DPA Directory.
    Note: Departments cannot sell, donate or transfer equipment to individuals or non-Stanford entities. The disposal process is handled by Stanford Surplus. For more information, see the Stanford Administrative Guide Section 5.2.4, Surplus Property Sales.
  2. If the print device your department owns has a current service or maintenance agreement that must be cancelled, follow the cancellation instructions below.

How to cancel device leases and service or maintenance agreements

If you have a device with an active lease and/or service or maintenance agreement, please email Janine Parmar in the Procurement Services Contracts department to help you review and manage cancellation of the agreement. Departments will be responsible for any costs associated with the cancellation of their agreement.

When you contact the Procurement Services Contracts department, please provide:

  • The P.O. numbers  associated with the leased devices and/or service or maintenance agreements.
  • Any other related agreements or documents that have not been reviewed by the Procurement Contracts department.
Last modified January 13, 2020