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Cardinal Print Known Issues

These known issues may affect your experience with Cardinal Print.

Issue Workaround
You are not able to login to Google Drive at the printer to scan and are presented with a "Cardinal Key Required." This happens when you are part of the Cardinal Key Restricted workgroup, and typically occurs if you access PHI or restricted data via Google Drive. You can submit a Cardinal Key Temporary Exclusion Request. This issue is currently being worked on and we will update this site when more information is available.
When you scan a document and select the Send to Myself button, the email address that displays is SUNet@devicename rather than your email address. You must fill out your SU Contact information in StanfordYou to make your email address visible on a Cardinal Print device. To check or update this information:
  1. Go to StanfordYou.
  2. Select Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information.
  3. Review the "SU contact info" section to make sure it includes your email address.
  4. If needed, select change... to change the information, then select the save button.
When you use a Mac computer, or a PC that is not Stanford domain-joined, you see an additional pop-up login screen at the beginning of each session asking for your SUNetID. This pop-up appears after you log out of or restart your computer. If you have a PC, you can have the computer joined to the Stanford domain. Consult your desktop support team to determine whether this is an option. Although there is no workaround for the Mac computer, our team is currently investigating a permanent solution to this issue

The Cardinal Print Center cannot print some PDF documents depending on their formatted or how they were created. 

Please print using the Cardinal Print Driver instead of uploading to Cardinal Print Center. When printing through the driver, the PDF will print successfully. After installing the driver, a new printer will be added to your computer called "Cardinal Print". Select "Cardinal Print" and go to any Cardinal Print device to retrieve your PDF print job.

Last modified April 22, 2024