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Cardinal Print for Students

How to print

Upload to Cardinal Print Center

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log into print center.
  3. Log in with your SUNet ID and password.
  4. Upload your file(s) and select your printing options.
  5. To retrieve your output, scan your university ID card, use Mobile Key, or log into any Cardinal Print device with your SUNet ID.

Log into print center

Bring your own device

  1. Select CardinalPrint-SU BYOD as your printer and select Print.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password and select Print.
  3. Go to to download the Cardinal Print driver.
  4. To retrieve your output, scan your university ID card, use Mobile Key, or log into any Cardinal Print device with your SUNet ID.

Download Cardinal Print driver

Email Cardinal Print

  1. Email your file(s) as an attachment to from your Stanford email address.
  2. To retrieve your output, scan your university ID card, use Mobile Key, or log into any Cardinal Print device with your SUNet ID.

Email your files

Where to print

To locate the buildings listed below, view the campus map.

  • Lathrop 24hr space
  • Lathrop Tech Lounge
  • Old Union Second Floor
  • Main Quad, Bldg 20, Room 21A, M-F 10am-5pm
Stanford Libraries
  • Green Library: Bing Wing, First Floor, both sides of the Grand Stairs
  • Green Library: East Wing, Lower Level in front of Media and Microtext entrance
  • East Asia Library
  • Terman Engineering Library
  • Art Library
  • Branner Earth Sciences Library
  • Music Library
  • Science Library (Li and Ma)
  • Native American Resource Center Library
  • El Centro Chicano y Latino
  • Miller Library at Hopkins Marine Center
Residential Clusters
  • Crothers
  • Crothers - Crothers Memorial
  • EV - Blackwelder
  • EV - Hulme
  • EV - Kennedy
  • EV - Studio 5
  • FloMo - Cardenal
  • FloMo - Loro
  • GovCo - Lyman
  • GovCo - Suites
  • GovCo IH - EAST
  • GovCo IH - Murray
  • GovCo IH - Yost
  • GovCo SQ - Potter
  • GovCo SQ - Robinson
  • GovCo: SQ - Schiff
  • Grad - Munger5
  • Lag - Roble Basement
  • Lag - Roble First Floor
  • Lag West - Eucalipto
  • Lag West - Norcliffe
  • Lag East - Naranja
  • Lag East - Ujamaa
  • Lag East - Meier
  • Casper - Branner
  • Casper - Ng
  • Casper - Kimball
  • Casper - Lantana
  • Casper - Toyon
  • Mirrielees - 1st Floor
  • Mirrielees - 2nd Floor
  • Mirrielees - 4th Floor
  • Rains - 205
  • Rains - 231
  • Row A - Columbae
  • Row A - Muwekma-tah-ruk
  • Row A - Storey
  • Row B - Bob
  • Row B - Casa Italiana
  • Row B - Mars
  • Row B - Sigma Nu
  • Row B - Xanadu
  • Row C - Grove Mayfield
  • Row C - Synergy
  • Row C - Phi Kappa Psi
  • Row D - 717 Dolores
  • Row D - Haus Mitteleuropa
  • Row D - Maison Française
  • Row D - Roth
  • Row E - Durand
  • Row E - Kairos
  • Row E - Kappa Sigma
  • Row E - Phi Sig
  • Row E - Slavinskii
  • Row E - Theta Delta Chi
  • Row F - Enchanted Broccoli Forest
  • Row F - Jerry
  • Row F - Kappa Alpha
  • Row F - Narnia
  • Row G - Hammarskjöld
  • Row G - 1047 Campus
  • Row G - 576 Alvarado
  • Row G - 680 Lomita
  • Row H - Delta Delta Delta
  • Row H - Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Row H - Pi Beta Phi
  • Row H - Terra
  • Row H - ZAP
  • Stern - Arroyo
  • Stern - Cedro
  • Stern - Burbank CL
  • Stern - Donner
  • Stern - Larkin
  • Stern - Serra
  • Stern - Twain
  • Stern - Zapata
  • Wilbur - Aroyo
  • Wilber - Cedro
  • Wilbur - Junipero
  • Wilbur - Okada
  • Wilbur - Otero
  • Wilbur - Rinconada
  • Wilbur - Soto
  • Wilbur - Trancos

Why to Cardinal Print


You can be a part of reducing Stanford's use of toner, paper, and energy. All Cardinal Print devices are ENERGY STAR and EPEAT certified. The program supports Stanford's sustainability goals, including becoming 80% carbon-free by 2025 and achieving zero waste by 2030.


Authenticate with your Stanford ID card at a Cardinal Print Canon multifunction device to print your job whenever and from wherever. Cardinal Print is a service approved for high risk and protected health information (PHI) data. 

Cost savings

Copy Type Cost 
Color $0.05 each
Black and white $0.008 each
Scanning Free of charge

Multi-function, multi-location

Cardinal Print Canon multi-function devices are located all over campus. From the device, you can scan and send files directly to your email address. With your mobile device, you can both send and retrieve your files at any Cardinal Print device. Stanford Mobile Key makes it possible to retrieve your print job with the tap of your phone.

Learn about Stanford Mobile Key


How do I use a Cardinal Print device and start printing?

There are three ways to start printing:

All three options allow you to retrieve your output from any Cardinal Print device on campus by scanning your university ID card or logging in with your SUNet ID and password.

Easy-to-follow instructions to print, copy, and scan are posted above each device on campus. You can learn more about how to use Cardinal Print devices with these simple instructions and videos. Visit Mobile Printing for complete instructions on how to print via email or by logging into Cardinal Print Center. For more specific questions about how to print, see the Print section of this FAQ page. For more specific questions about how to scan, fax or copy, see the Scan, Fax, or Copy section of this FAQ page.

Can I print and/or copy in color?

Yes, you can print and copy in color from any Cardinal Print device. Please be mindful that the printing defaults are set to black and white as well as double sided in order to save on toner and paper waste, so you’ll want to ensure you select color and/or single sided before printing if it’s necessary for your print job.

Do I need a printing card?

You do not need a printing card! Simply log into the device by badging in with your student ID, using Mobile Key on your phone, or logging in manually with your SUNet ID and password. 

What if I have money left on a previous print card?

Student print cards are not part of the Cardinal Print program, and previous cards do not work for Cardinal Print. If you have a remaining balance on a print card and would like to request a refund, send a message to

How much does it cost to print?

$0.05 for color, and $0.008 for black and white. The price is the same for single sided and double sided printing and copying.

Why is it charging $0.01 for black and white copies? I thought they were $0.008.

The Stanford University price for black and white copies is $0.008 each and color copies are $0.05 each. However, the display on Cardinal Print devices is configured to show prices to the cent only, and not to the tenth of a cent. As a result, the price shows up as $0.01, while the actual charge is $0.008.

How are students charged for printing?

Prints/copies will automatically be charged to your student account.

If I work for a university department, does the department cover the cost of printing and copying?

If your department has provided you with a printing allowance, you will have the choice at the printer to charge the cost to your student account or department. If you have not been given an allowance, your prints/copies will automatically be charged to your student account. Please contact your department administrator to inquire about a printing allowance.

I’ve received a free print quota from my department in the past. Can I still access free printing through my department?

Departments still have the ability to allocate funds that you can use when printing/copying for the department. Contact your department administrator for more information.

Resources and support


Help request

These known issues may impact your experience with Cardinal Print, but don't hesitate to reach out if you run into new issues that stop you from printing. 

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