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Cardinal Print Drivers to Download

To further enhance Stanford’s print service, updated “CardinalPrint” printer drivers are replacing all of the previous printer drivers (i.e., CardinalPrint-SU, CardinalPrint-SRWC, CardinalPrint-SU-Guest, and CardinalPrint-SRWC-Guest). While we encourage the university community to update to the new drivers sooner rather than later, current drivers will continue to function through August 2024. To learn more, read No Need to Wait — Updated Cardinal Printer Drivers Are Here.

Important: With the updated CardinalPrint printer driver, you'll notice the steps to adjust the printer settings are slightly different when printing from a device running macOS Ventura. If you need help, check out these step-by-step instructions.


Before you Begin

  • A valid Stanford University ID card, Mobile Key, or SUNet ID and password are needed for printing. 
  • You must be connected to Stanford's physical network, Stanford WiFi, or VPN in order to submit print jobs via the Cardinal Print drivers.
  • If you work for a department that is transitioning to Cardinal Print, your department IT can inquire about contracting Stanford’s Endpoint Configuration Management service (BigFix) to install the driver department-wide for you.
  • Below are instances when you would need to download and install the updated Cardinal Print driver:
    • You do not have BigFix (Windows) or Jamf (Mac) installed on your computer.
    • Your local IT is not installing the driver for you.
    • You prefer to install the driver yourself.
    • You are a student whose device does not have BigFix (Windows) or Jamf (Mac) installed.
    • You are a guest who has been given access to print.

Download and Install the Universal Cardinal Print Driver

If you work, attend classes, or are a guest who has been given access to print at Stanford, download and install the driver on your device using the appropriate link below.

Verify Print Driver is Installed

You can check if the updated printer driver is listed when printing a document. The printer selection field should list “CardinalPrint” instead of “CardinalPrint-SRWC” or “CardinalPrint-SU.” If you have set a default printer other than “CardinalPrint,” you will need to check the drop-down list to verify it is listed.

Note: If you are using a Windows computer that is not issued by the university, your Cardinal Printer driver will appear as “CardinalPrintAuth” instead of “CardinalPrint.”

Ready to Print

Once you’ve installed the proper print driver, you can print and retrieve your materials from any Cardinal Print device by scanning your university ID or entering your SUNet ID and password. 

Note: A popup window will appear if you are not logged into Stanford's WIN domain (e.g., you are using a personal computer or a Mac). You will have to enter your SUNetID and password when printing. This password will be remembered until the next time you restart your computer.

Last modified September 19, 2023