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Dashlane Password Manager

Manage all of your passwords in one place

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View FY25 rate changes.

Password managers store your passwords securely and offer a mechanism for logging into websites without the need to remember all of your passwords. The Information Security Office has selected the Dashlane application as the preferred password manager for use at the university. University IT provides faculty, staff, and students a Dashlane Premium account free of charge.


Dashlane stores your passwords and keeps them up-to-date across your phone, computers, tablets and other devices, including personally owned devices. Dashlane helps you create unique complex passwords for all of your work and personal accounts, remembers them, and enters them into websites as you login.

Designed for

Current faculty, staff, and students

When your affiliation with Stanford ends, you can continue using your Dashlane Premium account by paying the associated fee or you can switch to the free version offered by Dashlane.


You must have an active email account.

Data security

Dashlane is approved for Low, Moderate and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office.


Free of charge.

Get started

Visit Dashlane's Stanford website to get a coupon code via email that will allow you to sign up to use Dashlane Premium at no charge. Follow the prompts on the Dashlane website to sign up and start using the service.

You will need to install the Dashlane application on each device that you will use to access passwords stored in the Dashlane application.

Select a Strong Master Password

When you create a Dashlane account, you create a login and a Master Password to protect the credentials of all your other accounts. It is vital to create a strong, unique password that you’ve never used anywhere else.

See the Password Requirements Quick Guide for recommendations on how to create a strong password.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Dashlane supports Two-Factor Authentication which is strongly recommended for safeguarding your master password. To enable Two-Factor Authentication, follow the instructions in the Dashlane Help article: Protect your account using Two-Factor Authentication.

Get help

  • For information about how to use Dashlane and troubleshoot common problems, visit the Dashlane Customer Support website.
  • To get specific help with a problem, using your Stanford email address, submit a ticket to Dashlane Customer Support. Tickets submitted from a Stanford email address will be routed to a priority support queue.
  • For more information about using Dashlane at Stanford, read the Frequently Asked Questions

See also

While ISO does not prohibit the use of LastPass or Mac OS X Keychain, the recommended password manager for Stanford is Dashlane.

To securely share passwords with groups, request a Dashlane Teams account.

Last modified June 6, 2024