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SRCC Oak Storage

Oak is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage system available to research groups and projects at Stanford. It was purpose-built to hold research data. It provides affordable and scalable storage with a diversity of access methods.


Use this option when you…

  • Are a researcher and need “cheap and deep” research-oriented storage on campus
  • You have an account on Sherlock, SCG or another Stanford compute cluster
  • Are comfortable using command-line tools like ssh, scp, rsync, bbcp and others
  • Need low-latency, high-throughput storage connections 
  • Want workgroup integration with the campus directory

Example Use Cases

  • Analyzing a large data set of information on a research cluster
  • Long-running analytical software is creating terabytes of ancillary files
  • Manipulating very large files on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems

Cost Considerations

  • Disk space is available in 10 and 250 TB increments
  • Charges are monthly
  • Purchase of an NFS or CIFS (SMB) service gateway is extra
  • Backups are not included
  • Off-site data replication is not included


Support is provided by Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC).