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What are the ways to update a user's Device Enrollment answers?

  • The user can manually run the Device Enrollment app to update existing answers.
  • If BigFix is installed, you can delete the enrollment.txt file on the endpoint system to force re-enrollment. The file locations are:

Windows 7 and above: \ProgramData\Stanford\enrollment.txt
Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Stanford/enrollment.txt

  • A BigFix administrator can use the "[STANFORD][SWDE] Delete Enrollment Answers" fixlet, which can selectively delete existing user enrollment answers on both Windows and Mac OS devices. Non-expiring actions targeting all Stanford BigFix clients will then prompt users to enroll or re-enroll, until someone self-identifies as the primary user.

The fixlet provides three possible actions:

  • Delete primary user enrollment answers only. Each new local user who has not previously provided any enrollment answers will be prompted to enroll. Answers from non-primary users will be preserved, and those users will not be prompted to re-enroll.
  • Delete all user enrollment answers. All local users will be prompted to enroll or re-enroll at their next logon. Use this action if existing non-primary users might need to be promoted to primary, or to start from scratch for any reason.
  • Delete enrollment answers for a specific SUNet ID. Enrollment answers for the specified SUNet ID will be deleted whether or not that user is identified as primary. If this action deletes a primary user, new local users will be prompted to enroll until a new primary user self-identifies.

A copy of the existing enrollment.txt file will be saved before modification or deletion.

Last modified September 15, 2016