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What can an IT professional do if a user's device is reported to be partially encrypted?

If a device has multiple fixed disks, all of them are required to be encrypted; and if at least one is, while one or more is not, the device might be reported to be partially encrypted.

Mac OS devices in BigFix that have multiple unencrypted disks are reported to be partially encrypted, and at some point in the future the same will hold for Windows devices as well. Administrators can access BigFix web reports that list all such devices (that have BigFix installed on them) in their areas: "[STANFORD] Mac OS Multiple Unencrypted Disks" and "[STANFORD] Windows Multiple Unencrypted Disks".

IMPORTANT: Currently we can only escrow recovery keys for the system volume.

See the information about encrypting multiple disks.

Last modified September 15, 2016