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Reserve an AV-Equipped Room

The following rooms have been upgraded by the Campus Audiovisual (AV) project and are available for use. All upgraded rooms include a display, a camera, one or more microphones, and a control panel. To learn how to use this equipment, see How to Schedule, Launch, and Manage a Video Conference.

To check availability or reserve a room, email the room contact listed in the chart on this page.

Building Location Room Capacity Contact
Arrillaga Family Sports Center 641 Campus Drive, room 102N 18 Lane Marchetti,
625 Campus Drive 12 Lane Marchetti,
Arrillaga Alumni Association 326 Galvez Street, room 349 20 Annie Shiau,
326 Galvez Street, room 256 16 Annie Shiau,
326 Galvez Street, room 167 16 Annie Shiau,
326 Galvez Street, room 350 12 Annie Shiau,
Crothers Memorial Hall 621 Escondido Rd, Crothers Memorial 101 10 Linda Gorospe,
Graduate School of Education (GSE) 520 Galvez, room 218 24 Debbie Belanger,
Humanities and Sciences (H&S) 380 Roth Way, North, room 3 15 Todd Eberspacher,
Humanities and Sciences (H&S) 417 Galvez, room 417 15 Jackie Sargent,
Humanities and Sciences (H&S) 382 Via Pueblo Mall, Varian Physics Lab, room 208 25 Rosenna Yao
Humanities and Sciences (H&S) 120 Ocean View Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA, Agassiz room 24 Judy Thompson, or 831-655-6249
Humanities and Sciences (H&S) 579 Serra Mall, Landau, room 225 12 Laura Ma,
Land, Buildings, & Real Estate (LBRE) 340 Bonair Siding, room 142 10 Suman Chaube,
Office of University Communications 425 Santa Teresa Street, room 126 47 Enelda Wade,
Physics and Astrophysics 452 Lomita Mall, room 102/103 64 Dora Taumalolo,
Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) -  Escondite Cottage 150 Comstock Circle, Diana Conklin Conference Room 18 Jess Tavarez,
408 Panama, room 102 12 Sue Nunan, (temporary contact)
621 Escondido Rd, room 101 12 Elias Mooring,
School of Engineering (SOE) 473 Via Ortega, Y2E2 15 Veronica Chavez,
School of Engineering (SOE) 473 Oak Rd, Automotive Innovation Favility, room 102 12 Adele Tanaka,
School of Engineering (SOE) 475 Via Ortega, Huang 8 Veronica Chavez,
School of Engineering (SOE) 443 Via Ortega, Shriram Center, room 54 16 Veronica Chavez,
School of Engineering (SOE) 348 Via Pueblo, Spilker Engineering & Applied Sciences, room 219 8 Veronica Chavez,
Stanford Earth 397 Panama Mall, room 361 15 Pat Carlson,
Stanford University Libraries (SUL) 518 Memorial Way, Lathrop Library, room 361 8 Kimberly Kay,
518 Memorial Way, room 470 12 Kimberly Kay,
Stanford University Libraries (SUL) 120 Ocean View Blvd, Pacifica, CA, Miller library, Baldridge room 10 Amanda L. Whitmire,, or Donald G. Kohrs,
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) 408 Panama Mall, room 122 8 Linda Salser,
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) 590 Escondido Mall, room 118 12 John Mendoza,
590 Escondido Mall, room 216 16 John Mendoza,
Vice Provost for Student Affairs (VPSA) 459 Lagunita, Tressider, room a201 - VIP 24 Jordana Simon, or Linda Fagan,
584 Capisrano Way, Tressider, room 230 8 Shalani Bhutani,
563 Salvatierra Walk, Tressider, room 201 15 Betsy Cuisinot,
Last modified October 7, 2019