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Campus Audiovisual (AV) Project

More space to collaborate

The University IT Campus Audiovisual (AV) Project will increase the total number of AV-equipped rooms to 150 by the summer of 2021, providing video conferencing capability to about one-third of the conference rooms on campus. The project:

  • Meets the increased demand for video conferencing services
  • Supports Stanford's distributed workforce as more employees telecommute, work remotely, or use alternative worksites
  • Simplifies collaboration between staff on the historic campus and the Redwood City campus

The project's AV Strategy team works to ensure that conference room upgrades are distributed across the campus and that all staff can reserve and use the majority of the rooms.

Reserve a Room

Upgraded rooms are available for use pending room availability. To reserve a room, email the conference room owner.

See upgraded rooms and owners

Get help

Submit a Help request if you need help with or have questions about the Campus AV Project.