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Zoom Integrations

Find the app you want

University IT(UIT) is continually trying to find new ways to evolve the Zoom service to meet the growing needs of the Stanford community. There are a number of available third-party apps that may enhance your Zoom experience. To help streamline integration requests, Stanford’s Information Security Office and IT Infrastructure teams have partnered to review and approve the apps on this page for use with Stanford Zoom.  To find the one you need, click the table headers to sort by integration name, scope, category, or purpose.

Please note:  Unfortunately, we have found a small percentage of the integrations do not give a clear explanation of their requirements, only a vague description that meets the criteria for our approval process. If we find the integration after install requires global access to all users' data, we will rescind the approval.

Request an integration

The integrations are available in the Zoom App Marketplace. If you don't find what you're looking for on the approved list below, you can request an integration directly by going to The request will be reviewed by UIT and the integration will be enabled if it meets Stanford security requirements.

Get help

UIT is unable to provide support for third-party integrations. Should you require support for a specific integration, please click on the appropriate app link provided below and select Support from the menu options. For general questions about Zoom integrations at Stanford, submit a Zoom help request.

Name Category Purpose
Coda Collaboration Connect your Coda docs with Zoom to manage meetings, schedules and recordings Meeting Insights Collaboration Analyzes the conversation and sends you insights about each person on the call
Jandi Collaboration Enable Zoom video conferencing from directly within your JANDI communication platform
Macro Collaboration Augments the Zoom UI with rich airtime data and a smart-compose notepad
Harmonizely Scheduling Automates your clients' booking by generating a unique video conference link for each meeting
Daylight Scheduling Helps you and your team organize and stay on top of clients, deals, and projects 
10to8 Scheduling Scheduling Schedule an appointment via an online booking system 
Appointlet Scheduling Add Zoom links and notifications to meetings scheduled in Appointlet
Automated Transcription Transcription Securely transcribe Zoom meeting recordings in 35+ languages
Bookwhen Scheduling Auto-create links and send invites with an online booking system
Box Collaboration Easily share your content in Box during Zoom meetings
Calendly for Zoom Scheduling Schedule Zoom meetings to Calendly appointments
Close CRM Streamline all of your sales communication into one unified platform
CoachAccountable Scheduling Set up Zoom meetings automatically when you schedule appointments
CoachVantage Scheduling Include Zoom links in appointment notifications
Confluence Productivity Receive notifications  from Confluence in Zoom chat
CoStage Marketing List Zoom meetings publicly to grow your audience and collaborate with other Zoom event hosts
Donut People Start a Zoom from within Slack to set up virtual coffee chats with coworkers
FreeBusy Scheduling Find free time for participants to meet
GitHub Productivity Get notifications in Zoom Chat for GitHub events and changes in your Github repos
Gmail Collaboration Schedule and manage Zoom meetings from Gmail
Google Calendar Notifications Scheduling Get calendar notification in your chat so you never miss a meeting.
Google Drive Collaboration Transfer recordings and transcripts to Google Drive
HeySummit Learning & Development Increase engagement, conversions, and revenue for your online meetings
JotForm Scheduling Schedule meetings/webinars and add registrants automatically
Keybase Zoombot Productivity Create Zoom meetings in Keybase chat sessions
LearnWorlds Learning & Development Create and sell live training, webinars, and courses from your own website
Meetingbird Scheduling Connect Zoom to your scheduling workflow
Microsoft Teams Collaboration Start, schedule, and join Zoom meetings from your Team space
Mixmax Scheduling Add Zoom links to your meeting templates and calendar invites Collaboration Centralize information from your meetings into your account
Prezi Video Productivity Overlay visuals on your Zoom video stream 
ScheduleOnce Scheduling Add Zoom meetings to bookings in ScheduleOnce
Slack Collaboration Start a Zoom meeting from a Slack channel or group message 
Sococo Collaboration Join a Zoom meeting from Sococo for distributed team collaboration
Spark Collaboration Simplify meeting schedulings and create Zoom links for conference calls
SurveyMonkey Marketing Create and manage SurveyMonkey surveys from the Zoom chat channel
Trello Collaboration Manage Trello boards from Zoom chat
Vagaro Pro Scheduling Use Zoom video conferencing from within the Vagaro software platform
Warpwire Recordings Securely publish Zoom recordings to Warpwire Media Libraries
Wikipedia Search Productivity Search Wikipedia and send links from Zoom Chat
Workona Productivity Create and join meetings from Workona
Woven Calendar Scheduling SEamlessly schedule a Zoom meeting without leaving your calendar Scheduling AI-driven meeting scheduling version Scheduling Automatically generate Zoom meetings when bookings are made through
Zapier Productivity Trigger Zapier actions in response to Zoom events
ZmURL Beautiful Event Pages Marketing Build websites for Zoom events and sell tickets
Zoom for Doodle Scheduling Add unique Zoom links to every meeting scheduled with Doodle
Zoom Webinars for PeopleGrove Learning & Development PeopleGrove users who can create events can easily create a Zoom Webinar


Last modified September 11, 2020