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How to Request a Shared Email Account

To request a mailbox that can be shared by multiple users, complete the Shared Email Request form. You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Account Name: desired account name (for example, hikingclub).
  • Description: brief description of the purpose of the account (for example, "A forwarding email address for the Stanford Hiking Club").
  • Administrator SUNet IDs: SUNet ID of one or more account administrators.
  • Organization ID: your organization's four-character administrative code.
  • Sponsor SUNet ID: SUNet ID of the person designated as the sponsor. The sponsor must be a Stanford faculty member,  manager, or individual who has been expressly granted the privilege to sponsor.
  • Keep a copy of email in the mailbox?
    • Check to keep a copy of email in the shared mailbox. You will be able to forward mail to two additional addresses.
    • If unchecked, you can forward shared email to three addresses.
  • Additional information (optional): enter any information that you think would be helpful in evaluating your request.

Once the account has been approved and created for you, sponsorship is required to activate it. After your Shared Email account is activated, you'll need to  configure your Webmail or desktop email program for the service.

Last modified September 3, 2021