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Financial Responsibility

OrderIT handles financial responsibility differently than many systems on campus. Rather than requiring approval for each order, authority to order is granted to trained Department IT Contacts responsible for ensuring that dollars are spent appropriately for business needs. 

Authority in OrderIT 

Department IT Contact access to OrderIT is used for ordering and reporting.

For University staff, authority can only be granted by task Org, and this automatically grants access to all PTAs for that org.

For Hospital staff, authority is granted by cost center.

Please refer to How to Request Authority for Ordering and Reporting for more information.

Ending Charges to a PTA 

PTAs will continue to be charged for any monthly recurring charges unless a change order is placed to update the PTA or until a cancelation order is placed to end service. 

When a department PTA has monthly recurring charges that are no longer valid, the Department IT or Financial Contact for that PTA is responsible for updating the PTA to a valid PTA. Auto-generated email notifications will be sent to the Task Manager of the PTA notifying them if there is billing for University IT (UIT) service with a PTA expiring in 45 days or less.

Charges for UIT services that fail to process due to expired PTAs will be posted to the default clearing account associated with that department. Please see How to Clear Charges from a Default Clearing Account for more information.

Services may be disconnected if there is no valid PTA associated to the service.

Last modified May 24, 2023