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How to Use the Duo Mobile Passcode for Two-Step Authentication

If you select Duo Mobile passcode as your authentication method, you use a six-digit authentication code generated by the Duo Mobile app to authenticate. No Internet or cellular access is required. To authenticate, launch the Duo Mobile app on your device and then tap the key icon to get the authentication code. 

The following devices support Duo App passcode push notification to verify your identity:

How to use the Duo Mobile passcode option

  1. You will always be prompted for your last-used authentication method. If Duo Mobile Passcode was your last-used authentication method, open the Duo Mobile app on your tablet or smartphone to reveal the passcode.

    • If Duo Mobile Passcode was not your last-used authentication method, click Other options.

    • In the Other options menu, select the Duo Mobile passcode option. 

  2. In the Duo Mobile app, locate Passcode and tap Show to reveal the six-digit passcode.

  3. Enter the passcode in the Passcode box on the two-step authentication screen and click Verify.

  4. Once you have authenticated, you might see a screen that asks if you want to trust the browser. You’ll have the option to select “Yes, trust browser.” This takes the place of the “Remember Me” screen. 

    • If you click Yes, trust browser the browser will automatically remember you, and you will not be prompted to authenticate for that application or service for the next 90 days.

    • If you select No, do not trust this browser, you will still authenticate and continue onto your desired site; however, you will be prompted to re-authenticate each time you log into an application on that browser. 

    • Remember, public or shared computers shouldn’t be saved as trusted browsers.

Last modified October 26, 2022