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How to Use the Duo Mobile Passcode for Two-Step Authentication

If you select Duo App - Passcode as your authentication method, you use a six-digit authentication code generated by the Duo Mobile app to authenticate. Internet or cellular access is not required. To authenticate, launch the Duo Mobile app on your device and then tap the key icon to get the authentication code. You can learn more about Duo Push and Duo Passcode in a quick video tutorial.

The following devices support Duo App passcode push notification to verify your identity:

  1. On the two-step authentication screen, click Enter a passcode.

    Image of screeen with passcode button

  2. A blue bar at the bottom of the screen prompts you to enter the Duo Mobile passcode.

    Screenshot of prompt to enter Duo Mobile passcode

  3. Open the Duo Mobile app on your tablet or smartphone.
  4. In the Duo Mobile app, tap the key icon on the right side of the screen.

    Image of device screen with key to tap

  5. A six-digit passcode displays.

    Duo code on device screen

  6. Enter this code in the two-step authentication screen and click Log In.

    Passcode entered in screen

Last modified April 18, 2018