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macOS Enrollment

This information pertains to Stanford University Jamf and is intended to help individuals meet Stanford University compliance requirements.

Important! Some macOS users have experienced a bug during the setup of a Mac with Setup Assistant. This bug prevents the creation of the Mac account username and password. If you are experiencing this known issue, follow the steps on this FAQ: Why do we no longer have the option to create a Mac account during Setup Assistant?


  • SUNet ID
  • Stanford-owned Mac device or personally-owned Mac used for official Stanford work
  • A supported version of macOS - Learn more

Install Jamf on your Mac

Download Jamf Enrollment

Enrolling in Jamf is almost automatic — the process requires just a few simple manual steps on your end.  Here's how the Jamf enrollment works: 


Screenshots for macOS Big Sur.

  1. When you see this screen, click Get Started.
  2.  Toggle between Can't and Can to learn about device management and your privacy. Click Continue.

  3. Enter your SUNet ID and the corresponding password.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. To begin the installation, click Open Profiles and then click Install in the top right of the Profiles pane. To confirm the installation, click Install.
  6. You're finished! Click Close

Troubleshooting Jamf Enrollment

To confirm that your device is enrolled in Jamf, ensure you have installed the Stanford Device Management Device Profile (System Preferences > Profiles).

Screenshots for macOS Big Sur.

The Jamf Enrollment Installer attempts to verify this, and if it fails, you'll see a window like this:

Click Go Back to return to Step 5 above. Click Open Profiles and be sure to click the Install button for the Stanford Device Management Device Profile (from the Profiles pane of System Preferences)

Click Install to confirm.

Enter your password and click Enroll.


Learn more about the broader plan to modernize Stanford devices


Last modified July 13, 2023