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Devices @ Stanford

Modern solutions for convenience and safety

Jamf @ Stanford Rolling Out to Mac Devices

June 7, 2021

Unlock Your Passwordless Future with Cardinal Key

March 15, 2021

Healthy Devices @ Stanford

February 12, 2021


Today, more than ever, you need technology that lets you securely access data and collaborate with colleagues whenever and from wherever you want. To meet these needs, we’re leveraging modern tools that can help make the devices you use for Stanford work substantially safer and easier to use.

Efforts in Progress

Five complementary efforts are underway to modernize the devices used for Stanford work by September 2021.

Advanced Device Protection

With CrowdStrike anti-malware, your laptops and desktops will be defended better than ever before. For those who require a very high level of security and monitoring, the new Cardinal Protect service provides an all-in-one managed desktop solution.

Learn about CrowdstrikeLearn about Cardinal Protect

Modern Device Management

Modern management systems provide a much cleaner way to configure and update devices. Mac users are transitioning to Jamf, which will eventually replace BigFix.

A Jamf-like solution for Windows devices will be announced soon.  You can still opt to use VLRE if you don't work with High Risk data.  

Learn about JamfLearn about VLREView the Jamf installer

Passwordless Logins

Leave your passwords in the past and usher in a new era of safer and simpler computing for web-based logins, including Stanford VPN. With the new Cardinal Key installer for Mac and Windows, it’s easier than ever to get up and running.

Learn about Cardinal KeyUse the Cardinal Key installer

Secure Authentication

 This once per device prompt prevents anyone but you from accessing your Stanford email.

Learn more Modern Email Authentication

Operating System (OS) Upgrades

Staying current with software updates is an ongoing responsibility for each of us. 

View OS sunset scheduleView your registered devicesView FAQs

About Exceptions

If there is a technical obstacle that prevents you from adopting a device improvement, you can request a time-limited compliance exception.

Request a compliance exception


Infographic showing the components to device health.

Healthy Devices @ Stanford

  • Modern device management ensures your device stays up-to-date and well-maintained, automatically.

  • Advanced device protection defends against today’s sophisticated cyber threats.

  • Modern authentication for Stanford email more fully protects your account from unauthorized access.

  • Passwordless logins usher in a new era of safer and simpler computing. 

  • Operating system upgrades keep devices running smoothly and securely.


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