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Dashlane Business

Secure password sharing with groups

Dashlane Business password manager allows groups to securely share passwords. University IT provides faculty and staff groups with a Dashlane Business account free of charge.


  • Includes all the benefits of the Dashlane Premium plan
  • Provides an Admin Console where administrators can easily invite team members, manage permissions, and monitor security issues
  • Provides separate spaces to store professional and personal data

Designed for

Current faculty and staff


You must have an active email account.

Data security

Dashlane is approved for Low, Moderate and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office (ISO).


University IT provides Dashlane Business accounts free of charge.

Get started

To request a Dashlane Business account for your team, please submit a Help request.

ISO recommends the following practices for Dashlane Business accounts:

  • When inviting new users to your Dashlane Business account, ensure that they understand that the account administrator does not have access to their personal account passwords.
  • Ensure that users enable Multi-Factor Authentication in their Dashlane accounts.
  • Set up the Account Recovery feature, which provides Dashlane Business users with a simple and secure way to recover access to their Dashlane account if they forget their Master Password.
  • Be cautious with these Dashlane Business features and options:
    • Company email domain(s). The “company's email domain(s)” feature allows administrators to put company items in the Business Space, either by suggestion or rule, based on the company domain. Limit the list to specific hosts, not entire domains like *
    • Automatic provisioning. Dashlane Business allows automatic provisioning of accounts. Be very cautious with automatic account provisioning, or do not use it.

Get help

If you have questions or need support after your account is created, please review these Dashlane Customer Support resources:

  • For information about how to use Dashlane and troubleshoot common problems, visit the Dashlane Customer Support website.
  • To get specific help with a problem, use your Stanford email address to submit a ticket to Dashlane Customer Support. Tickets submitted from a Stanford email address will be routed to a priority support queue.

See also

Individual faculty, students, and staff can request a free Dashlane Premium account.

Last modified April 14, 2023