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Cybersecurity and Privacy Festival 2021

Cybersecurity and Privacy Festival 2021

October 19 & 20, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT

Stanford has partnered with leading universities around the country to bring you the 2021 Cybersecurity and Privacy Festival, equipped with diverse perspectives and subject matter experts that will prepare you to recognize and defend against the latest cybersecurity threats.

This is an all-virtual event hosted through Hopin and brought to you by the Ivy+ community. All Stanford University, Stanford Healthcare, Stanford Education, and the broader higher education communities are invited.

The Future of Work

Living in a hybrid world, much of our professional and personal lives take place online. You may be comfortable working and playing in the digital universe, but are you prepared to defend yourself against the latest privacy and cybersecurity threats? Cybercrime has evolved, with cybercriminals able to unleash attacks that have lifelong impacts on personal and professional lives. Now is the time to protect your work, assets, and identity.

Join the Ivy+ Information Security and Privacy Offices for this two-day event to ensure online safety and security in your personal and professional life. This collaborative event, open to everyone in the Stanford University, Stanford Healthcare, Stanford Education and the broader higher education community, will include workshops, panel discussions, and lightning talks with subject matter experts and peers from across the country.

What’s in it for me?

Now is the time to educate yourself and arm yourself against the latest cybersecurity and privacy threats. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to join this event to:

  • Expand knowledge about the importance of cybersecurity, online privacy, and potential impacts on your academic, professional and/or personal life. 
  • Hear the latest industry news from key subject matter experts.
  • Learn how the Information Security Offices and University Privacy Offices of higher education institutions are working to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.
  • Win prizes and raffle drawings.

Agenda Topics

Paradise Lost: Red Team vs. Blue Team Exercise

Authentic offensive/defensive training exercise in which Blue Team participants take control of a fictitious computing infrastructure and attempt to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical services while under withering attack from a sophisticated Red Team bent on wreaking havoc.
Alex Keller
Stanford University


Lights, Camera, Hacktion

Get your popcorn and overpriced candy ready, we're going to the movies. Through the lens of your favorite films, we will explore cyber security topics and see how Hollywood stacks up to reality. Get ready for Lights, Camera, Hacktion. Coming soon to a web browser near you.
Micah Nelson Andrew
Harvard University

Codes & Ciphers for Beginners

We'll walk through the history of mechanisms used to secure communications, stopping along the way to enjoy some hands-on examples of encoding and decoding secret text. This session will be presented at a beginner level, for people with an interest but little experience in the topic.
Jeremy Tavan & Carol Gao
Stanford University

Personal Security Actions

If knowing is half the battle, this is the other half. In this interactive workshop we'll go through the actions you can take right now to improve your personal security posture- from protecting your accounts to securing your personal devices.
Micah Nelson Andrew
Harvard University

Information Security Panel: Live Q&A Session

Join a live Q&A panel featuring Information Security professionals with tactical, hands on, and strategic perspectives. Whether you're a seasoned InfoSec professional or joining us from another field entirely, we're looking forward to sharing our perspectives and experience with you. Ask us (almost) anything!

Event Platform

Sponsored by the Stanford Women in Data Science, this year's event will be hosted on Hopin, an event technology platform that will provide an immersive, engaging experience. Register to access Hopin and explore event speakers and workshop details.


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