Jul 19

SNOW Makes Its Way Across Campus

It may be summertime, but SNOW is blanketing the computer screens of many IT groups across campus this month.

May 18

Service Past, ServiceNow, Service Future

Most journeys are better with friends, and the University IT (UIT) journey to implement the ServiceNow (SNOW) service management application is no exception.

Dec 5

HelpSU is Changing...Today

Today, the familiar HelpSU service started evolving as University IT introduces a new Services Portal.

Do you click the “Have a SUNet ID?” button when you come to helpsu.stanford.edu to submit a help request? You’ll find that the button is going to take you to the Stanford Services Portal—your new location for getting IT support.

Nov 3

HelpSU is Changing. Get a Sneak Peek

Do you click the Have a SUNet ID? button when you go to helpsu.stanford.edu to submit a help request? Starting December 5, you’ll find that the button takes you to the new Services Portal.

Oct 21

Problems Connecting to Internet Sites and Services

UPDATE: Earlier connection issues have been resolved.  You should be able to reach Stanford services that were affected by the DOS attack.

INVESTIGATING: You may have difficulty reaching many non-Stanford websites and Internet services due to a Denial of Service (DOS) attack affecting a major Internet provider, Dyn. This issue is external to Stanford, but does affect some Stanford services, including Box, Qualtrics, BlueJeans, and Github. For updates, see the Dyn site.