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Why is my device not compliant when I've done everything I'm supposed to do?

  • The compliance status in MyDevices is not updated instantaneously. Changes that you make to your device can take up to one day to be reflected in MyDevices. For this reason you should not wait until the last minute if you are notified that your device is not compliant.
  • Make sure your device has connected to the Internet in the last 90 days. Go to  and then click the link in the Model column to display the Device Details page of the non-compliant device. Check the "Last Check in Time" entry to verify your device is checking in.
  • If the device has access to High Risk Data, be sure BigFix is installed and configured for Stanford Whole Disk Encryption (SWDE) settings management.  In MyDevices, on the Device Details page, in the Management System Information section,  you should see "Yes" for SWDE. Normally this setting is achieved by running the SWDE application to encrypt the device, but a BigFix administrator can remotely configure SWDE management.
  • If BigFix is installed but in MyDevices, the Management System Information section is missing, incorrect, or out-of-date (see the "Last Check-in Time"), there might be a problem with BigFix. Please submit a Help ticket.
  • If the  Mobile Device Management (MDM) service is required for your iOS or Android mobile device, go to the Device Details page in MyDevices. In the Management System Information section, confirm that MDM is indicated as the management system.
Last modified April 27, 2017