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What are the technical reasons why a device that doesn't belong to a user might show up in MyDevices?

In some cases a device that once belonged to a user could appear in MyDevices if the SUNet ID is listed as a user in NetDB. The solution will be for an LNA to edit the NetDB record manually.

A less common but very confusing problem can arise if a network interface is passed around among different devices, as can happen with USB Ethernet adapters, laptop docking stations, some computer displays, and so on. In such a case these adapters are functioning like other network devices (e.g., a Wi-Fi router or Ethernet switch), and should be registered in NetDB as network devices with their own node record specifying an appropriate make and model. If devices like these are used solely with one computer, they should be registered as an interface of that computer.

Last modified April 25, 2017