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How to Display Your StanfordWho Profile Photo

Faculty and staff members can use their Stanford ID card photo or their Stanford Profiles photo in StanfordWho.

If you're a faculty or staff member, set your Stanford ID card image visibility setting in StandfordYou to control which image displays in StanfordWho. "Private" is the default Stanford ID card image visibility setting for staff and faculty members. Therefore, no photo will appear in StanfordWho unless you’ve changed the image visibility setting or uploaded a photo in Stanford Profiles.​ 

Here are instructions for how to control which photo displays in StanfordWho:

To display your Stanford ID card photo:

To display your Stanford Profiles photo:

To display no photo

Each night, University IT will send images with a visibility setting of Stanford or Public to StanfordWho. Depending upon the image visibility settings, these images will then display in the Stanford and/or Public view(s) of the StanfordWho directory.

To keep the systems aligned, we strongly encourage you to upload the same photo you’ve uploaded in Stanford Profiles to your Stanford ID card. Just keep in mind any photo you submit for your ID card must meet certain requirements, which are listed on the ID card photo submission webpage.  If you would like to upload an image to or update your Stanford Profile, simply navigate to, and click on the "Edit My Profile" option in the upper right side of the page. 

Last modified December 10, 2021