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How to Link to StanfordWho Listings and Search Results

IMPORTANT: On Dec. 9, 2021, University IT moved StanfordWho to a new platform, which impacts current URLs that directly point to StanfordWho listings and search results. Any direct StanfordWho link that includes will need to be updated with a new URL between Dec. 9 and Dec. 16, 2021. After Dec. 16, the links will no longer work. To update your direct links with the new URLs, follow the instructions on this page. 

StanfordWho lets you add a link on a Stanford webpage that goes directly to a person's StanfordWho listing. You can use this option to avoid displaying static contact information on a webpage, where it can go out of date or be a target of spamming. You can also link from a Stanford webpage to the results of a search term such as the name of a department.

How to link to a person's StanfordWho listing

You can customize a URL to link directly to a person's listing. If a user who has not authenticated into the Stanford network clicks on this URL, they will go to the person's public view listing. 

An authenticated user who clicks this URL will go to the person's more detailed Stanford and Affiliates view listing. In some cases, the authenticated user will first be directed to the public view, where they can click Log in to reach the Stanford and Affiliates view.

Use the following URL to link to a person's StanfordWho listing:

  • To link via a SUNet ID:
    • Example:
  • To link via an email alias:
      • Note: The forward slash (/) following the URL must be included when linking via an email alias.
  • Example:

How to link to a search term result

Use the following URL to link directly to a search term result:


In the [search] section of the URL, you can use any term or combination of terms allowed in the StanfordWho search box. Replace spaces and punctuation with characters as shown in the table below.

Note: A user who is not authenticated will see the public view search result when they click the URL; a user who is authenticated will see the Stanford and Affiliates view search result.

Search Term Replacement Characters
Punctuation Replace with
Space %20
Period (.) %2E
Hyphen (-) %2D
@ symbol %40


Last modified December 10, 2021