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Conference Calls

Conference Calls and Meetings

You can talk with several people in a single call. You can dial another person and add them to the call. If you have multiple phone lines, you can join two calls across two lines.

When you add more than one person to a conference call, wait a few seconds between adding participants.

As the conference host, you can remove individual participants from the conference. The conference ends when all participants hang up.

Add Another Person to a Call

You can add another person to an active call to create a conference.


Step 1

Access the Phone app.

Step 2

Press More  and select Conference.

Step 3

Do one of these actions.

·       Dial a number and wait for the person to answer.

·       Select an entry from your Recents list and wait for the person to answer.

·       Select another held call on the same line.

·       Press the right Navigation key, select a line, and select a held call on that line.

Step 4

Press Merge.

View and Remove Conference Participants

When you are in a conference call, you can view the conference participants. If you are the conference owner, you can remove a participant from the conference. The screen displays a star (*) beside the conference owner.

Before you begin

You are in an active conference call.


Step 1

Press More  and select Details.

Step 2

(Optional) Select Update to refresh the participant list.

Step 3

(Optional) Select a participant and press Remove.

Last modified February 3, 2020