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Funding Transition for Converged Communications

University IT (UIT) and the University Budget Office (UBO) have worked together to simplify the funding model for Converged Communications Services. As a result of this work, all services included in Converged Communications will become centrally funded for most non-formula units effective September 1, 2018.

As a reminder, Converged Communication Services includes the following:

  • Stanford phone number
  • Local and long distance dialing
  • Voice messaging
  • Softphone capability
  • In-building network services
  • 24x7 phone and network support
  • Moves, adds, changes and routine maintenance
  • Audio and video conferencing service
  • Unified messaging tools

This service “bundle” is recognized as fundamentally necessary to support the university’s mission and these services are used broadly across Stanford. Affected areas will continue to receive these services just as they do today. By centrally funding these services, we can eliminate unit-by-unit record-keeping and billing, thereby reducing both the unit and UIT’s administrative burden.

Please note that moving forward, standard desk phone sets will also be included in the centrally-funded bundle. However, over the next few years we will begin an effort to encourage the adoption of softphones and Stanford phone numbers “ringing-through” to computers and mobile devices, which should reduce the need for desk phones over time.

If you have questions about the details of the transition or the impact on your budget, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Last modified April 14, 2023