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Server Configuration Management (BigFix for Servers)

BigFix for Servers is a systems management service offering for IT server administrators that can deploy software, manage configurations, and collect hardware and software inventory information on devices that are attached to the network.

BigFix for Servers is a separate instance from BigFix for Endpoints, which is targeted at end user desktops and laptops, and where patches are applied monthly. University IT will not deploy patches, software, or reboots to servers enrolled in BigFix for Servers. If the BigFix for Servers agent must be updated, the service owners will notify server administrators of the available update, and allow them time to update the client on their own schedule.


BigFix for Servers provides:

  • A management framework for the IT community that allows for secure administration of servers.
  • The capability for automated content to help facilitate IT community adoption of University IT services.
  • Content to assist the IT community in meeting the Stanford Minimum Security Standards and help to provide data showing server compliance. 
  • A free systems management tool for Server Administrators.
  • Centrally-deployed content (limited to BigFix client settings and OS-specific inventory collection).
  • Support for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Designed for

Stanford University IT Staff, SLAC IT Staff.


A Stanford-managed server running a supported operating system.

Data security

May be used with Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office.


Free of charge.

Get started

  1. Subscribe to the service as a BigFix for Servers Administrator by submitting a Help ticket.
  2. Download and install the BigFix client.

Get help

For assistance, submit a Help ticket.

Last modified February 10, 2021