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Up Next for ServiceNow (UIT Community)

Did you miss us?

Yes, it’s only been a few weeks since we were telling you what to do to prepare for the August ServiceNow release, and now we’re back telling you about a December one. Although this next release is still a couple of months away, we need your participation now to be sure you and all of UIT are ready.

Each ServiceNow release affects more of our work, and this next release also brings visible changes for our clients. That’s why it is especially important that you understand what’s coming and what you can do to prepare.

What’s Coming in December?

  • A Services Portal: — This will be the most noticeable change. When clients need help with a UIT service, they will most often start in our new ServiceNow Portal. We’ll be promoting (a direct link) and will guide to this portal. At the Services Portal, clients with IT questions can get self help via knowledge articles, or request assistance with their issues.
  • Knowledge management: Integrated into the Services Portal will be self help content that provides immediate information and solutions to clients. As clients type their questions, knowledge content will be searched automatically and clients will be directed to knowledge “articles” that may provide an answer to their questions.
  • Incident management: The incident management process, which helps facilitate the timely restoration of service, will move from Remedy to ServiceNow. This includes the service alert notification process. If you create and update incident tickets or send service alerts, you will do it in ServiceNow.
  • Request management (non-billable services): The request management process will facilitate the fulfillment of service related requests. In the Services Portal, clients will be able to submit requests related to all UIT services; however, some services may still use other applications for ordering service ( e.g. OrderIT) until a later phase. Those transitioning now include some common request for services that UIT provides at no charge, such as requests for password resets or access to Oracle Financials.
  • Mobile interface for fulfillers: If you respond to incident and request tickets, you will be able to manage those tickets on a mobile device.


What can you do now?

  • Find your Change Champion: Each work group has a “Change Champion.” These are folks with whom we communicate regularly to keep them up-to-date about project plans and schedules, and from whom we gather input. You can provide feedback to your Change Champion any time and it will be relayed back to the project team.

    Not sure who your Change Champion is? Here’s a directory.

  • Start cleaning house: We will not be moving Remedy tickets over to ServiceNow. Cleaning up your unresolved Remedy tickets now can help you minimize the time you need to work in two systems.
  • Confirm your services: Each work group should be prepared to confirm that the services they own appear in the Service Portal. This includes the service names and descriptions that you want clients to see when they access the Services Portal. A project business analyst will be reaching out to service owners to confirm that information.
  • Prepare for knowledge management: Work with your groups on doing a knowledge content audit. Where do you currently store your knowledge? What needs to be updated, retired, and/or is ready to move to ServiceNow? Contact your Change Champion for more information.

    NOTE: Initially, we are moving information from the UIT website and Stanford Answers, and supplementing that with other Service Desk content that solves common questions. Anyone is welcome to add content to help clients get immediate answers to their questions.

  • Participate in UAT: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will take place between Oct. 31 and Nov. 18. You may have already received communications about participating in UAT. If you would like to sign up or get more information, contact Kellie Trauner ( Training will take place between Nov. 14 and Dec. 15. More information will be available soon.


Questions or feedback?

To ask questions, give feedback, or stay up-to-date on project communications, visit the ServiceNow Project website.

Last modified February 21, 2017