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Kerberos User Guide

If you are a Windows or Mac OS X user, go to Essential Stanford Software and install Stanford Desktop Tools, and then use it to install Kerberos for Windows or the Kerberos Configuration Tool for Macintosh. This will install any necessary desktop Kerberos software and configuration as well as other basic desktop software and a system for keeping it up-to-date.

Basic information

How Kerberos works

A brief, simple introduction to how Kerberos works, why it helps keep your account secure, and how it interacts with web authentication and WebAuth.

Browse IT Knowledge Base

Answers to frequently asked questions about Kerberos at Stanford. See this for help on changing your password, forgotten passwords, and other common problems.

Help for UNIX users

Basic UNIX Kerberos commands

An introduction to the UNIX commands for Kerberos and a how-to for logging in with Kerberos. This documentation is primarily for UNIX end-users; system administrators should see the Sysadmin Guide as well.

Last modified April 12, 2023