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Shared Scientific Facilities Management

The Shared Scientific Facilities Management (SSFM) system is a web application that provides Stanford researchers and outside institutions a centralized marketplace and billing system for scientific services and equipment available on campus. Shared Facilities Management is also known as "iLabon campus.


  • The facilities provide access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, expert staff, and specialized scientific services.
  • Schedule instruments and order services online.

Designed for

  • Stanford University researchers
  • Researchers external to Stanford 
    • From other academic institutions
    • From non-profit organizations 
    • From industry


Stanford users 

  • Researchers with valid SUNet IDs will need to establish an account and the associated PI with iLab.
  • ​PIs and researchers with their own fellowship will automatically have an account with iLab and can log in with just a valid SUNet ID.

External users

  • Without an iLab account — You can browse through the services and instrumentation from the List of Core facilities.
  • With an iLab account — You can access the facilities managed by iLab.

Data security

This service is not intended for use with High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office.


Varies by instrument and services offered by facilities.

Get started

Get help

If you are a current user of SSFM and need assistance, please submit an iLab Support request 

Otherwise, please submit a HelpSU request

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Last modified August 20, 2021