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How to Use

Edit container

  1. Click the container you wish to edit.

    edit container
  2. A screen displays showing options.

    edit screen showing options
  3. If you choose the add button, a screen displays giving you options to enter information.

    create new aliases option screen

    Alias — the part of the email address before the @domains. Since each container may have multiple domains associated, the alias will work for all those domains.

    Maildrop — the forwarding destination address. Each alias may have up to 3 maildrops. The maildrops must be fully qualified (i.e., or will work; foo or foo@chemistry will not). Incorrectly formatted email addresses will be discarded, as the backend will parse only correct addresses.

    Owner — SUNet ID of the owner of the alias. This is optional: there is no validation other than basic syntax validation.

    Description — brief note about the alias (optional).

  4. A confirmation screen displays, showing the information you have entered, and giving you options to further edit.

    edit container - options
  5. Once you are satisfied that all the information is correct, press the Finish button to synchronize the MySQL database to LDAP and make any changes live.
Last modified March 22, 2022