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Software List

Software Titles Unix Linux Win Mac Description
Adobe     Acrobat Pro DC and Creative Cloud
AMOS       Statistical Data Analysis
ArcGIS     GIS/Mapping
ENVI   Remote Sensing
Gaussian     Software program used to study electronic and molecular structure
GaussView   A graphical user interface for Gaussian
IDL   Interactive Data Language
JMP     Statistical Discovery Software Tool
JMP for Students     Statistical Discovery Software Tool
LabVIEW products       Data Acquisition & Control, Measurement & Programming
Maple   Mathematical Symbolic Manipulation
Maple for Students   Mathematical Symbolic Manipulation
Mathematica   Symbolic Math Computation Environment
Mathematica for Students   Symbolic Math Computation Environment
MATLAB Individual Institution License   Mathematical Matrix Lab for Interactive Computation
MATLAB Network Institution License   Mathematical Matrix Lab for Interactive Computation
Microsoft Site Licensed Software        √ Microsoft Office, Visio, Project for faculty, staff, and students and server products for Stanford IT Professionals.
NVivo       √ Qualitative Analysis software
NVivo for Students       √ Qualitative Analysis software
Qualtrics Web-based survey tool
SAS     Statistical Information Delivery System
SAS for Students       Statistical Information Delivery System
SPSS     Statistical Data Analysis
Stata     Statistical Data Analysis and Data Conversion
Last modified August 19, 2020