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Product description

Products SuperMongo
Developer SuperMongo is written by Robert Lupton and Patricia Monger
Description SuperMongo (SM) is an interactive plotting package for drawing graphs.
System Requirements SM runs on Unix and Unix-variant systems (including Linux), and VMS systems, and on DOS PCs under Windows (using Borland C++ v3) and under OS/2. It also runs on macOS X but not on previous versions of macOS, except A/UX. SM has drivers for Sunview, any form of X11, SGI, various tek401x emulators, VMS UIS, LN03, Imagen impress, QMS quic, HP Laserjet, and Postscript laser printers (also color and encapsulated postscript), raster devices, HPGL, REGIS graphics, and several odd (and likely obsolete) graphics terminals. The PC implementation uses Borland's BGI drivers, so works for any devices supported by that library.
Eligibility Stanford University faculty, staff, and students in support of instruction and research. For compliance, users who installed SM on their personal devices must delete the software upon their exit from the university.
License Year Perpetual
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Last modified July 18, 2022