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How to Purchase from Stanford’s Software Licensing Webstore

Have the following information ready before you enter the Software Licensing Store:

  • Which software and version you are purchasing

  • Your SUNet ID and password

    1. If you are purchasing for someone else, have their SUNet ID. The user must have logged into the Software Licensing Webstore within the past year to be verified. To become verified, the user logs in to Software Licensing Webstore, authenticates, then logs out.

  • Your Organizational Account information

    1. Your account number (P-T-A-O),

    2. The PTAO authorizer's name and phone number. The charge will appear on the financial manager's IT Services statement.

    3. Your PI/Faculty member/Manager’s name, email, and phone number.

  • Other information that’s specific to your software purchase:

    1. Machine Name and location.

    2. The operating system on the machine.

    3. Whether the machine is Stanford-owned or personally-owned.

    4. IP addresses and ranges (If you are purchasing a shared device license).

  1. Go to the webstore and log in with your SUNet ID.

  2. Under the product search bar, click on the name of the software you wish to purchase. 

  3. Select the version, platform, configuration you need and “add to cart.”

  4. Choose “Back to Shopping” to continue shopping or “View Full Cart” to check out. 

  5. From your cart, under “Proxy Order,” select whether you are purchasing for yourself or another eligible person.

    1.  If you choose “I am placing this order on behalf of,” enter their SUNet ID.

    2. If your user is new to our webstore, please ensure that their SUNet ID is verified (“Have the following information ready before you enter the Software Licensing Store”). 

  6. Select “Check Out.” 

  7. Input your billing information:

    1. PTAO account information. Note: The PTAO needs to be uppercase.

    2. Authorizer’s information you collected in “Have the following information ready before you enter the Software Licensing Store”.

    3. Use your department’s address for “Billing Address.” 

    4. Once you “proceed with order,” and after the order is automatically approved, you or the person you placed the order for will receive an email (from Stanford University -- Software Licensing < with a link and download instructions. Only the software user will see the activation key/installation code and instructions.

    5. To cancel or transfer your order, contact Software Licensing at as soon as possible. Please do not install the software.

How to Retrieve Your Software Purchase

  1. Order approved? Or did someone else order software for you? Here’s how to retrieve your software:
  2. When logged into the Software Licensing Webstore, select to your name at the top of this page and click "Your Account."
  3. Find the software and select “View Details.”
  4. From there, you can download installation instructions or click the “Install” button.


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Last modified March 4, 2024