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Stata and Stat/Transfer

Product description

Product Stata, Stat/Transfer
Vendor Stata Corporation for Stata and Circle Systems for Stat/Transfer

Stata: A statistical software package with a redesigned graphical user interface, publication quality graphics, a large number of statistical procedures that range from basic to cutting-edge, and a powerful syntax and programming language.

Stat/Transfer: A software package for converting data between a large number of different statistical software packages (including all of the most popular packages and a large number of rare file types); provides both an easy-to-use menu interface and a powerful batch facility.

Platform/Version Windows, Mac OS X (64-bit Intel), Linux (Stata only)
Stata 15
Stat/Transfer 13
Eligibility Stanford faculty, staff, and students
License Year Perpetual (never expires). Annual and semi-annual options for students only.

Individual purchases directly from Stata

Other purchase options

Product details

Stata is available for purchase at reduced rates through the Stata GradPlan. The prices represent a substantial discount off the already-discounted academic price of Stata. Includes technical support, but not upgrades

Students only (annual or semi-annual)

  • Stata/IC
  • Small Stata
  • Stata Journal (one year subscription)

Students, faculty, and staff (perpetual)

  • Stata/MP (dual- or quad-core)
  • Stata/SE
  • Stata/IC
  • Stat/Transfer (Windows or Mac)
  • A Gentle Introduction to Stata manual
  • additional training available

Product support

For technical support, contact Stata at or go to and click on contact us.

Last modified August 2, 2017