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On-call Support

In September 2022, rates will change for several of the technology services provided by University IT. To view the majority of our planned rate changes for services that are broadly available to our community, please visit this page. For more information, please visit the rates section of our website.

Our On-Call service provides ad hoc support for individuals or groups on a per request basis. This service accommodates those who need just one-time IT assistance, such as configuring a new office or workspace or troubleshooting computer issues. This service also provides backup support to local IT teams.

We typically help you when:

  • Your computer is running slow and you’re not sure why
  • You think your computer has a virus
  • You need assistance setting up a new office or workspace
  • You just got a new phone and want assistance setting it up and transferring photos
  • You need assistance setting up Stanford email on your computer and other devices
  • The IT team that supports you is short staffed and needs temporary or backup support


This service provides on-demand support when and how you need it.

We often:

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot almost any computer problem
  • Conduct proactive system security checkups and updates
  • Set up and install new computers, phones or tablets
  • Install and upgrade Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Install and troubleshoot Stanford-supported applications or licensed third-party applications (you supply the license)
  • Add peripherals such as printers or scanners
  • Help protect and backup important data
  • Assist with spyware or virus issues
  • Perform project work, such as computer upgrades or departmental moves

Designed for

  • Individual students, faculty, and staff members
  • Schools, administrative units, labs or institutes
  • Local IT groups


See On-Call Support rates.

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Last modified September 2, 2021