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Directory Object Identifiers

The term OID stands for Object Identifier. In an LDAP server, OIDs are used to uniquely identify all attributes, objectClasses, and syntax rules that make up the schema for the server. A little more about OIDs is here.

Stanford's OID stem is  An individual "level" is called an arc.  For example, objects in the first arc of Stanford's OID stem all start with

Stanford Unique OID Arcs

Stanford X509 Certificates

Stanford X509 Certificate Policies

Certificate Policies for Certificate Authority Practices Statements

Certificate Policies for Issuance

Certificate Policies for Application/Usage

Stanford X509 Certificate Extensions
Directory Arc

Directory Attribute Types

Directory Attribute Syntaxes

Directory Object Classes
School of Medicine

Department of Radiology
School of Humanities and Sciences
School of Law
School of Business
School of Earth Sciences
School of Engineering
School of Education
Stanford Institutes

Hoover Institute

Center for International Peace
Central Offices

Business Affairs

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Office of Research Administration
Auxiliary Organizations

Residential and Dining Enterprises

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Last modified May 21, 2019