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Directory Access

Access to the OpenLDAP directory service can be achieved in multiple ways. The primary method of access at this time is through the use of Webauth. For that purpose, please refer to the Webauth links on the side to see what type of access you can get with it without custom permissions.

The range of other options for accessing the directory run the gambit from simple command line tools, to the Stanford custom Perl module Stanford::Directory, to full blown software development libraries like the Java Naming and Directory Interface, or the UnboundID LDAP SDK, or OpenLDAP's C LDAP client libraries.

While the command line tools are not recommended for implementing an application that will be used by many people, it is a quick way to verify expected access to the directory. The required tools are available on the Stanford Time Shared systems that are open to all users with a full SUNet account.

All access is dependent on following our usage policy. Failure to abide by these policies can result in immediate loss of access to the directories.

Last modified January 30, 2020