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Groups Tree

Group Object Classes

The base distinguished name for Stanford group data is cn=groups, dc=stanford,dc=edu

Object Classes Required Attributes Optional Attributes
groupOfURLs cn businessCategory, description, memberURL, o, ou, owner, seeAlso
posixGroup cn, gidNumber description, memberUid, userPassword
suWorkgroup cn, suWorkgroupStatus description, mail, memberURL, owner, suAdministrator, suGroupAdministrator, suGroupCN, suGroupType, suMailDrop

Group Attributes

Attribute Description Single/Multi-Valued Example
cn Common name of entry corresponding to an suPrivilegeGroup value Single a3c:aim
description Description of entry Single For A3C AIM Program Staff
gidNumber Posix Group Number Single 100000
mail Mail address associated with entry Multiple
member Distinguished Name of Group Member Multiple suRegID=12345667890123456789123456789012,cn=people,dc=stanford,dc=edu
memberUrl ldap URL description of the group Single ldap:///dc=stanford,dc=edu??sub?(|(suprivilegegroup=a3c:aim)(suentitlementname=a3c:aim))
memberUid Posix Unique Identifier Single ned
owner Distinguished Name of Group Owner Single suRegID=12345667890123456789123456789012,cn=people,dc=stanford,dc=edu
suAdministrator UID of the group Administrator Multiple mrochek
suGroupAdministrator UID of Members of the this-entry's-cn/administrator suPrivilegeGroup Multiple dan1
suGroupCN Normalized cn for this entry Multiple a3c_aim
suGroupType Type type of group Multiple posixGroup
suMailDrop The delivery mail address for the group Multiple
suWorkgroupStatus The status of the Workgroup Single active
Last modified February 22, 2022