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Accounts Tree

Accounts Object Classes

The base distinguished name for Stanford account data is cn=accounts, dc=stanford,dc=edu.

Object Classes in the Account Tree Required Attributes Optional Attributes
suAccount uid suName suNameLF suAccountStatus owner suDescription suService suIdentifies suAdministratorDN
suKerberosService suKerberosStatus krb5PrincipalName suKrb4Name
suSeasService suSeasStatus suSeasSunetID suMailDrop suSeasUriRouteTo suSeasLocal suSeasForward suSeasSunetIDPreferred suSeasEmailSystem
suLelandService suLelandStatus  
suAfsService suAfsStatus suAfsHomeDirectory
suPtsService suPtsStatus suPtsUid
suEmailService   suEmailStatus suEmailQuota suEmailAccountType suEmailAdmin
suDialinService suDialinStatus  
suAutoreplyService suAutoreplyStatus suAutoreplyForward suAutoreplySubj suAutoreplyMsg suAutoreplyAlias suAutoreplyStart suAutoreplyStop
suOperational suEntryStatus suCreateAgent suCreateAPI  
suEntitlementService suEntitlementStatus suEntitlementName
suGuestService suGuestStatus suGuestName suGuestUuid suGuestAltLogin

Accounts Attributes

Attribute Description Single or Multi-Valued
cn User's display name Single
description Individuals self-selected description Multi-Valued
gecos User's display name, used in posixAccount objectClass. Single
gidNumber User's UNIX group identification number (Ex: 37) Single
homeDirectory See suAfsHomeDirectory Single
krb5PrincipalName User's Kerberos V Principal Name. Single
loginShell User's UNIX login shell. Single
owner A DN that is a cross references to an entry in the People Tree Single
seeAlso Same data as owner Single
suAccountStatus Can be either 'active' or 'inactive'. Present on every entry. Single
suAfsHomeDirectory User's UNIX home directory in AFS Single
suAfsStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suAutoreplyAlias Alternative sunetid's to note as alias for autoreply Multi-Valued
suAutoreplyForward User's address to create autoreply message. Set if Autoreply service is enabled. Single
suAutoreplyMsg The actual message to send to sender's when the recipient has auto reply enabled. Single
suAutoreplyStart The start date for the autoreply emails to be sent Multi-Valued
suAutoreplyStatus Can be either 'active' or 'inactive'. Set if Auto rely is enabled. Single
suAutoreplyStop The stop date for the autoreply emails to be sent. Multi-Valued
suAutoreplySubj Subject for the auto reply message. Single
suCreateAgent Agent used to create the account entry. Single
suCreateAPI API used to create the account entry. Single
suDescription Individuals self-selected description. Multi-Valued
suDialinStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suEmailAccountType Can be either 'personal' or 'group'. Single
suEmailAdmin Administrator of a particular email account. Generally the uid of the person. In the case of group accounts, it is the uid of the owner of that group account. Multi-Valued
suEmailQuota Email quota for a user. Single
suEmailStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suEntitlementName Name of the workgroups that Guest Accounts are members of. Multi-valued
suEntitlementStatus The status of the entitlement service, Single
suEntryStatus Can be 'active'. Single
suIdentifies See owner. Single
suGuestAltLogin Guest Alternate Login ID. An identifier used by a Guest Accounts user as an account identifier as an alternate to using their email address. Single
suGuestName The name of the Guest Account holder. Single
suGuestStatus The status of the Guest Account service for a user. Single
suGuestUuid A unique token identifying a Guest Account holder. Single
suKerberosStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suKrb4Name User's Kerberos 4 principal. (obsolete) Multi-Valued
suLelandStatus Can be either 'active; or 'frozen'. Single
suMailDrop Location to deliver mail for the account. For example: Multi-Valued
suName User's display name. Single
suNameLF User's display name in Last, First format. Single
suPtsStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suPtsUid User's UNIX PTS UID. Single
suSeasForward User's forwarding email address. Multi-Valued
suSeasLocal User's local delivery email address. Single
suSeasStatus Can be either 'active' or 'frozen'. Single
suSeasSunetID List of all selected identifiers for the person. Multi-Valued
suSeasSunetIDPreferred Preferred from email address for Office 365 integration Single
SuSeasEmailSystem Name of the User's Stanford Provided e-mail system (Ex: zimbra, office365, gmail, exchange) Single
suSeasUriRouteTo Web page to route incoming ~username requests to (Ex: /~alang or Single
suService Attribute containing a list of all services the user has. Example values: afs dialin email kerberos leland pts seas. Multi-Valued
uid User's primary identifer they chose for their suNetID. Single
uidNumber User's UNIX ID number. Single
Last modified February 24, 2022