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Applications Tree

Application Object Classes

The base distinguished name for Stanford application data is cn=applications, dc=stanford,dc=edu.  (LDIF version of the Stanford Application attributes and objectclasses)

Object Classes Required Attributes Optional Attributes
suApplication owner, suAdministrator suTestBind
suMailRoute cn, mail, suMailDrop description, owner, suAdministrator, uid

Application Attributes

Attribute Description Single or Multi-Valued
cn Common name of entry Single
krb5PrincipalName Kerberos V Principal Bind identity for application Single
owner Cross reference to Application owner (Ex: dn: suRegID=12a34567891234b1bc111111000baa77, cn=People, dc=Stanford, dc=edu) Single
suAdministrator SunetID of the Application owner Single
suTestBind Alternative bind identity for testing Single
Last modified May 21, 2019