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Setting Permissions


Access Control Lists -- known as ACLs (pronounced "ackles") -- determine who's allowed to see, change, or move your AFS files. The permissions you set with ACLs don't work on the files themselves: they work on the folders that hold the files. This page will lead you to step-by-step instructions for setting ACLs.

The instructions presume you've got a SUNet ID and know enough about AFS to move around within it. If you're uncertain about the latter, take a look at the Navigating AFS page. The first part of each instruction set provides easy to use directions. The second provides simple cookie-cutter instructions for which set of ACLs to use, depending on the kind of permissions you want to grant. If you need information about creating ACLs for entire groups of people, see the How to create pts groups page.

Last modified February 14, 2010