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Server Disk Storage

Server Disk Storage is a set of offerings designed for server-class computers, balancing performance and reliability with cost. For most services, the level of performance and reliability are more than sufficient; examples include Stanford's Email and Calendar service and the databases that support HelpSU.

Server Disk Storage supports NFS, iSCSI, and FC (SAN) connections using a high speed private connection. New server connections are required to have at least two (2) free interface ports to connect to the private network.

Note: Server Disk Storage does not include backups. Backup and storage are two separate services; backup service is by subscription. The storage team works with clients to customize backups to the needs of their applications.


  • Provides industry-standard performance and reliability for enterprise level systems.
  • Available in increments from 4 to 16Gbps per port for FC connection and 1 to 10Gbps  per port for IP connection.
  • Protocol supported:  NFS, ISCSI, and FC
  • Data is protected and virus scanned while stored on center storage servers.
  • Data is encrypted at rest.
  • Data in transit is transmitted on a private network.
  • Secondary data copy (Mirror or Backup) to secondary storage or to cloud available.

Designed for

Departments and organizations.


  • Service subscription required.
  • At least two (2) free interface ports are required for new connections.


Data security


Server Disk Storage

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This Server Disk Storage service is charged monthly to your department’s University IT billing statement. Two sets of storage speed/cost combinations are  available.

Requests to change an existing storage profile by adding, modifying, or deleting storage must be submitted by your Department Contact via OrderIT or by calling 5-HELP (option 2).

For additional information about Server Disk Storage, please submit a Help request.

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  • All storage systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week for performance and component failures. Storage systems personnel are alerted to failures and will respond to alerts.
  • The window for scheduled maintenance is on Sunday between noon to 6 p.m. Scheduled maintenance, required for reconfiguration of the storage arrays, is performed two or three times a year. Hardware is refreshed regularly on a rotational basis at the end of the warranty cycle or about once every three years. Change Management requests will be submitted for any scheduled maintenance.
  • For assistance, please submit a Help request. Tickets are assigned and responded to per SLA escalation guidelines.

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Last modified September 1, 2020