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New Cvent Service Offers Event Management Help

UIT’s Cvent service is ready to welcome new Stanford users
Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Opening remarks: "Cvent’s Time Is Now""

Welcome to the main event: Cvent’s service launch.

University IT (UIT) is now offering Cvent as a service for event managers at Stanford.

Not familiar with Cvent? In short, it’s a leading event management platform designed to simplify the entire event lifecycle, from planning and promotion to execution and analysis. Cvent supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Cvent is now available for Stanford faculty and staff members and groups, with a tiered service rate to allow flexible engagement.

Lightning talk: "Unified and Simplified"

The big goal for providing this Cvent service at Stanford is to support more unified, simplified, and engaging event experiences–for both event managers and event attendees.

Keynote address: "Cvent’s Top Features"

Cvent is a robust platform, with many tools and features supporting event management. Here’s what we love about Cvent:

  • Intuitive event creation: Cvent's drag-and-drop interface simplifies the event creation process, allowing organizers to design and customize event pages and registration pages easily.
  • Comprehensive registration management: Cvent offers a robust registration management system, allowing organizers to create personalized registration forms, manage attendee data, and facilitate smooth check-ins.
  • Engaging attendee experience: The platform facilitates interactive and engaging experiences for attendees through features like live polls, surveys, and networking opportunities. Oh, and don’t forget about the mobile app for in-event engagement options.
  • Data-driven insights: Cvent provides powerful analytics tools to measure event success, track attendee engagement, and gather valuable insights.

And there’s tons more! But that’s all we have time for before you head to the Q&A session. You can always learn more on the service page and the FAQ page, which both have more specifics for Stanford members.

For those interested in onboarding, the Cvent service team has also set up a detailed training Event Management (Cvent) in STARS with step-by-step instructions for using these features.

Q&A session: “How to Get Started With Cvent”

We’ll take three questions today, but would love to hear more from you afterward.

Question: Can you tell me more about the service rates?
Answer: Cvent is available at four tier levels, allowing the Stanford community to optimize available licenses and staffing:

  • Three of the four levels are based on using a Cvent license for all or part of a year.
  • One of the service levels is based on working with UIT to have your simple event created in Cvent for you, starting at $200 per event.

You can explore all of the options and choose what’s best for you on the Cvent Rates page.

Question: How can I get started with Cvent?
Answer: To get started with Cvent, step one is to contact the Cvent service team to let them know more about what you might need. Also, anyone who becomes an admin user in Cvent will need to complete both PCI Awareness Training and the Event Management (Cvent) Training. Learn how to get a head start on the Getting Started With Cvent page.

Question: Why did UIT choose to offer Cvent?
Answer: Many potential event management solutions were evaluated by UIT and other stakeholders across campus. Cvent offered the best end-to-end experience support and feature availability. It also meets Stanford’s strict criteria around security and long-term viability.

You can find more Q&As on the Cvent FAQs page. Have questions that didn’t get answered? No problem, just contact the Cvent service team.

Poster session: “How Cvent Got Its Start at Stanford”

Curious how we got here? This poster presents an overview of Cvent’s ramp-up process at Stanford:

How Cvent Got Its Start at Stanford. Described below.

How Cvent Got Its Start at Stanford

  • 2021-22: Stanford campus leadership identifies event planning and management as areas for improvement at Stanford.
  • 2022: Successful Cvent pilot by Stanford Alumni Association and Office of Development (SAA/OOD).
  • Early Summer 2023: Cvent got its start at Stanford as a replacement service for those using an outgoing platform called Certain.
  • October 2023: Contractual end of an outgoing platform; onboarding continues for Cvent as its replacement.
  • July - December 2023: Service support teams learned about Cvent setup and implementation needs that units, schools, and departments might encounter.
  • January - February: 2024: Final steps are implemented to ready Cvent for service launch for Stanford Community.
  • Present (March 2024): Cvent service launch opens for faculty and staff across Stanford.

Networking reception theme: “Get Help and Learn More”

Whether you have questions, need help with your set up, or want to get started, you can do it all with this help request form.

And here are easy ways to get more familiar with Cvent’s features:

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