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Events Management Platform

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View proposed FY25 rate changes.

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New Cvent Service Offers Event Management Help

March 19, 2024

Cvent is a flexible, modern, and comprehensive events management platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events at Stanford.

Cvent is being provided as a centralized service at Stanford, starting in early 2024.


  • Self-serve online registration management that allows attendees to register, modify, cancel, and get refunds
  • Enhanced attendee experience with integrated attendee hub website and mobile app
  • Integration with Stanford Zoom for virtual and hybrid events
  • Opportunities for attendees to engage with each other in various formats
  • Contact database to store and manage registrant information
  • Custom branded event websites and registration pages
  • Customizable targeted and automated emails
  • Real-time robust reporting and reporting portal
  • PCI-compliant payment processing (via Stripe)
  • Event and session surveys
  • Registrant check-in application and badging (Cvent OnArrival) 

Designed for

Event planners across Stanford University.


The following trainings are required before becoming an events administrator in Stanford’s Cvent enterprise account:

* Note: The UIT Cvent training “Event Management (Cvent)” in STARS is different than the Cvent training offered by Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) and the Office of Development (OOD). Please request access if you need the SAA/OOD training for Cvent.

Data security

Cvent has completed a Data Risk Assessment with the Office of the Chief Risk Officer and with the Stanford Information Security Office.

Cvent is not approved for use with Protected Health Information (PHI) and other High Risk Data.


View Cvent rates.

Event planners will be prompted to provide an Event PTA when creating an event in Cvent. This PTA will be used to allocate monthly billing. See the Cvent FAQ page for more details.

Get started

To get started:

  • Reach out to the Cvent service team.
  • Begin completing the onboarding steps, which include completing PCI Awareness training and Event Management (Cvent) training.

Get help

Submit a Help request to the Cvent service team.

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Last modified March 11, 2024