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Cvent Rates

The Cvent service rates below are based on what the UIT Cvent project team learned in the 2023 supporting the transition from Certain to Cvent, taking into account factors like Cvent license costs and our service management costs.

Our goal is to keep the overall cost as low as possible to make Cvent an accessible solution for everyone.

These rates become effective March 1, 2024 for those transitioning from Certain. The rates are already in effect for accounts that are adopting Cvent now.

Service Level Service and Support Details Cost

Level A

12 Months (Single License)

Ideal for an event manager with multiple events throughout the year.

Includes these support options:

  • UIT support for onboarding
  • Access to a Cvent sandbox space, on request
  • Cvent’s 24/7 support line (always available)

$1,866 Per User

Level B

8 Months (Single License)

Ideal for a high-end event or conference with a large registrant list, or for a short-term event managed by someone who is new to Cvent and would like extra time for event setup needs.

Includes all support options in Level A.

$1,480 Per User

Level C

4 Months (Single License)

Ideal for a basic event with a quick turn around managed in Cvent by one person

Includes all support options in Level A.

$807 Per User

Level D Basic - Simple Events Only

Per Event, UIT Setup (No License) 

Ideal for anyone new to event management platforms who expect to interact with Cvent minimally.

  • No licenses included
  • No direct editing access

UIT fully handles the event setup, based on specifications provided by the event manager, including:

  • Registration
  • Event Marketing Website (Basic)
  • Stanford Branded Attendee Hub (Mobile App)
  • Zoom Integration
  • Access to Cvent Reporting
  • UIT Billing Provided

Special rounds of edits and additional features will be billed by project hours.

$200 Per Event

Alternative options

For departments that don’t have in-house resources, or need help with registration and ticketing, the Stanford Event Registration & Ticketing Management department offers services with nominal fees.